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Yes, beaching for a short

Yes, beaching for a short time would work. I'd thought we risked getting stranded but just realised I read the tides for wrong day!

I'd prefer to make it a day sail and return to Haslar. If we stayed overnight we wouldn't be able to leave until the afternoon, which is rather late for getting back to Hamble. Or leave before 7am which is a bit stressful!

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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Have a great trip folks and

Have a great trip folks and lots if adventures, I hope. Do take pics and a written record of it for the magazine would be a bonus. A sailing log, fireside anecdotes and near misses all make for good reading. Wish I could be with you.


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I would like to congratulate

I would like to congratulate Roly for putting this together. Given the circumstances this is a worthy alternative to the Big Mac. Enjoy it, all. Have fun, Good Sailing and a fair wind and keep safe.

Simon Armitage

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Well, 4 boats in Yarmouth! 

Well, 4 boats in Yarmouth! Chance of few with me for if I up maybe Warsash or Cowes. Please call me Frank Pitts... your phone not accepting calls tonight. ...Roly

Also Frank Jashcinski please liase 're Portsmouth liason/Booking...need to cancel....Roly

Just like to thank Roly and

Just like to thank Roly and all who participated on this weekends Solent on the side.

We had a great time and it was good to meet Chris, Rick ,Rob and Frank.

We cut short our sailing time due to a few technical issues with the main sail but still managed over night in Yarmouth and a fabulous cruise back. Thought the food in Portsmouth light boat at Haslar marina was of a very good standard.