Replacement Macgregor logos

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Replacement Macgregor logos

Replacement Vinyl Logos.

I’ve just refurbished the Macgregor 26 name plates on our 26M using the vinyl labels supplied by BWYachting. The vinyl logo stickers are cheap enough ($7.5) if you don’t need the whole name plate. I hadn’t realised it but the name plates are actually made of brown translucent Perspex (Plexiglas in the US). They are held on with two screws and some sealant. The screws are easy to release but you then need something like a flat bladed screwdriver to carefully leaver off the name plates without damaging the gel coat or the name boards – it was relatively easy. It then turns out that the backing white adhesive and the front vinyl lettering adhesive is readily soluble in isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) – DO NOT USE ACETONE as this will dissolve the Perspex and damage as well as damage gel coat. Any remaining vinyl lettering can be peeled off once started by careful use of a fresh sharp Stanley knife blade under the edge of the vinyl label. I managed to remove it all without scratching the Perspex. Make sure you only move the blade away from you and keep it flat to the surface so it doesn’t scratch even if the knife slips through the surface of the vinyl label layer. Once the label is removed the adhesive is easy to clean off with the isopropanol on a rag. The knack to replacing the new vinyl labels is to float them on. You need a squeegee or a stiff piece of pliable but soft plastic that’s flat and a spray bottle with some water containing a drop or two (no more) of washing up liquid. Once the name plates are clean, place them on a flat surface and spray them with the water to give an even thin film – this should be easy if they have just been cleaned and degreased by the isopropanol. Peal of the new name from the backing sheet and gently place it on to the surface of the wet name plate. It should them be easy to make minor adjustments as it will slip over the surface. Once in place carefully but firmly squeegee the surface to displace the water film and you have the vinyl correctly and securely on the surface without any air bubbles or blemishes. I have to say they look excellent when freshly made. I am going to fit ours back with double sided 3M trim tape and the original screws but I guess a thin film of Evo-stick ‘Stick like S**t’ from the DIY shop would also work. Don’t use ordinary silicone bath sealant as it doesn’t stick to Gel coat or Perspex.

Hope this is helpful.

Mike C - Tarka 26M