Newsletter/Magazine Summer 2020

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Newsletter/Magazine Summer 2020

Dear Members

In my new role as MOA Editor I am currently trying to understand the publishing software that I need to master in order to continue the tradition of magazine style newsletters that now number over 100 - all of which can be found on the website. I imagine that, like sailing itself, I will need perseverance, practise and patience. I am also sure that I will need your help, so this is an appeal to all members for contributions to the next MOA magazine.

My plan is to include the usual, mainstay articles about our individual cruising activity and about MOA cruising events (could be a much reduced section this year), articles about modifications (there were some great ideas at our virtual AGM) and the peronal, Getting to Know You articles, that are always fascinating. I also hope that members will send in any technical points that they wish to share, for sale items and any pictures of you and your boats. Please keep any of the above, coming my way.

It would also be good to add new stuff - or even old stuff resurrected: Letters to the Editor, Poets's Corner and, for a bit of Shadenfreude, the misadventures of Captain Calamitous, the inner sailor within us all. Perhaps some of you are philosophers and prophets, given our sailing present, what is our sailing future? I was told a funny story recently by one MOA member, about how he came to buy his Mac and I am sure there are more stories of curiosity, coincidence and chance that explain how we ended up in the Mac boat - it would be good to hear them.

DEADLINE: I hope to have MOA Magazine No 105 ready to send to you by the end of July; so, a deadline for you to send material to me will be the end of June. I will send reminders but please don't hang back, the sooner you can send your material, the better - even if it is just a picture and a sentence or two. Please send to:

I hope everyone is well and keeping themselves fit for happier, floatier, boatier days ahead - in the meantime, all power to your pen.

Regards to all

Quentin Sands

Mrs MacGregor 26C