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Captains Seat

Having been very lucky to have ASHANTI close at home during the lockdown, I have been doing all the little jobs which were always on the list but somehow never got done !

Whilst cleaning and polishing today I began wondering about using the space beneath the Captains Seat. My idea was to fit a piece of ply into the base of the seat screwed through the side into the edge of the ply, then make a back fixed to the ply and the top of the seat.

Access would be achieved by cutting a cuddy hole in the front of the seat - the space could be used for storing mooring ropes etc but of course whatever was in there would move around when the seat was lifted for entry.

Has anyone done anything like this ?


Space under the Captains Seat

Space under the Captains Seat
I use the space under the

I use the space under the seat for my electric cool box,for my insulin, for food that needs to be cool, and of course my beers cheers.

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ASHANTI is now back in the

ASHANTI is now back in the water and I have had a chance to use the space created under the seat. It works well but I have to remember that there's stuff in there when I raise the seat. The cut out for the cuddy hole has made no difference to the strength of the seat.

The pictures are of my Mk.2 attempt using 1/4" ply for the back and bottom secured with plastic fixing blocks bolted through plastic angle strip. The Mk.1 was made from the top of an old chest of drawers about 3/4" thick and whilst it was easier to fix it was just too heavy and I was worried about the strain on the hinge.

Its nice to have some extra cockpit storage.

The other thing I did during Lockdown was to put an extension speaker in the binnacle for the VHF, that's a real boon because now I can keep the radio tuned to 16/VTS nad hear what's going on rather than relying on the hand held. The waterproof speaker only cost about £10 from CPC.

Mine blew off in one of the

Mine blew off in one of the Spring Gales. Ended up ordering a new hinge from BWY and all is now well.

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I think the helm seat is one

I think the helm seat is one of the weakest design factors on my boat. I am considering a lightweight alternative that would allow me to have some storage, and still be really light weight. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know....

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