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Hello All,

Like most of us, I've accumulated a pile of 'stuff' ready for the Charity shop or the dump - if only they were open! However amongst the books there are some sailing publications and Garmin accessories that may be of interest to some members. I've listed them below, please let me know if you want any of them gratis, although I would need the postage cost covered.

1) The Adlard Coles Book of Maintenance & Repair for Outboard Engines by Jean-Luc Pallas 2006. 2) An unused Log Book 18 x 24cm 3) Garmin Homeport SD disk (plan your trip on your home computer, then plug into your Garmin on board and navigate away. 4) Garmin BlueChart g2 vision SD disk 2012.

Stay Safe, regards,

John Richardson 'Sonny' 26M

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Hi John,would like the

Hi John,would like the maintenance book if it's still available. Just let me know hoe to get the postage to you . Happy Easter, Duncan