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Yesterday I removed my keel (M) to antifoul it.

As you can see from the pictures it is chipped on the trailing edge of the upper part.

When I last removed it 2 years ago there was some damage to the bottom end which I repaired but the upper portion was fine.

I have checked the slot and that does not seem to be damaged it the upper area as you can see.

I can't see how this type of damage can happen unless something had jammed down the slot which hasn't occurred and as there is no damage to the rest of the keel it seems a mystery to me.

Can anyone suggest any reasons for this type of damage please.

Many thanks,

Stay safe





Yep. I get this most years as

Yep. I get this most years as well as such weather of the training edge further down where it must impact with the slot when going forward especially if motoring with the centre board down......and especially if one drags it through the shallows. I guess the wear at the top is due to some forwards rock of the board in choppy seas or or on reversing. I have tried to beef up my trailing edge using woven glass matt and resin especially in the upper and mid section where drag I'd less important to reduce.

I tried to add photos but it

I tried to add photos but it won't let me......have never mastered the art of it....any tips?

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I've added a bit more

I've added a bit more explanation on attaching photos etc. to forum posts in the User Guide. See here.

It doesn't always work very well on phones, can depend on what features the phone has to be able to browse and select files.

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Should have bought a Mac 26 X

Should have bought a Mac 26 X with a swing keel. I have one for sale. Regards.

If you search back to Mike

If you search back to Mike Clark's postings about the mould for making a new M dagger board you will read that he thinks there is a deliberate weakness built into the board so that if you hit something with the board down it will break and not damage the cabin, so best not to reinforce the board too much in the wrong place.


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Thanks Guys,

Thanks Guys,

I can now see how it happens, the damage points are where the keel must impact on the box when it is down and pushed back due to grounding.

Where I sail mostly in the Medway and Thames estuary the bottom is soft mud and therefore I've not been too concerned about grounding gently, but now I see that whilst it does not damage the end of the keel the backward force causes the keel to hit the box and hence the chipping high up the keel.

I'll do some repairs with resin and mat and try not to ground whenever we next get afloat.

Stay safe,


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I am currently looking for

I am currently looking for someone with experience repairing a daggerboard. I finally pulled mine up to find the typical "sawtooth" damage. Being cheap, I don't really want to replace it, and, being rubbish at GRP repair, need someone who is actually good at it to guide me.


David Claassen

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