26M Daggerboard

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No Hurry Roger. Thanks.  Roly

No Hurry Roger. Thanks.


Dear Frank, Natalie and Roly,

Dear Frank, Natalie and Roly,

I am glad to announce that all dagger boards have been collected from Glasgow and your boards are currently in Surrey. Passing Portsmouth this evening, if that is convenient for anyone....

Thank you all, again, for your support getting these, and to Duncan for liaising with the Fabricator over the mould.

Roger, 07799 660275

Just for the record after a

Just for the record after a conversation with Roger Morris re the holes in the M26 dagger-board, the dagger-board has a number of holes in it needed for proper functionality. That is; the attachment points for the limit line and the raise lower line as well as the holes that allow fast proper flooding and draining. I’ve attached some photos so you can see them in the finished article and also attached the manufacturing instructions. The highlighted items 7 and 8 on page 5 describe the size and position of the holes in the finished board.

Hope this helps - Mike C