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I would not advise using shrink sleeve on chain - it makes the chain into a stiff rod because the links can't move. Shrink sleeve once shrunk is much stiffer than the original unshrunk version and is not intended to be very flexible. When I tried placing chain inside a normal plastic tube for a bike lock it just held the water in place so even the galvanised chain started to corrode within a short time (guess it would be OK with stainless chain but that's expensive). If the chain can't move freely it might also start to have a small negative effect on the holding power as the links are always held together so do not move with the rise and fall of the boat in the same way.

Mike C - Tarka 26M



I wouldn't use all chain on an anchor for a Mac. It's too light a boat to warrant such a heavy duty ground tackle.
50m of 8mm chain would weigh 72kg !!!
I have a 14mm Polyester rope as the painter from the bow to cockpit.

As a guide a length of chain around 1x to 2x the LOA of the boat should be sufficient. The function of the chain is simply to provide enough weight to keep the load on the anchor near to horizontal. As a Mac is light for her size I opted for 8m of 8mm chain.

When weighing anchor I flake it straight back into the crate so the chain never gets to touch any GRP.

Dave Newton Sailbadthesinner

Hi Dave

Hi Dave

i have just seen your post which makes perfect sense

I have been thinking about how to use the space under the seat and this seems ideal - I have the winter to sort out a box and rig it up

I also like the idea of having the anchor at hand as a safety feature when singlehanding





A few more random thoughts:

Just make sure you deploy it through the same stanchion gap the painter comes in or you would end up anchored beam to!

Also a short length of line tied to any pick up buoy as a loop makes it much easier to get with a boat hook.

If you chain splice the rode to the chain it will be more durable and easier to pull over a roller than a thimble, shackle or eye splice.

A screwgate carabineer allows a quick but secure attachment for the rode to the painter.

With the pickup buoy you can recover the anchor without needing to go forward.

Dave Newton Sailbadthesinner