Big Mac 2018 Blackwater Estuary and beyond

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A selection of pics from a week in the area of the Blackwater Estuary, 25th July to 1st August, 2018


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Nice pictures. My wife and I are sailing our 26S for the first time down in Plymouth.

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Hi Malcolm,  my Cornish trip

Hi Malcolm, my Cornish trip didn't come off. How are you getting on? Okay I hope. Fill us in when you have time. Q

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Windfall 26S

Hi. We had a great month in Plymouth. We didn't get down to Falmouth in the end due to the weather patterns but we made it to Fowey for a couple of days in the sunshine. Various trips round to Newton Ferrers and out to the Eddystone Lighthouse. We've both been very impressed with the boat. Although we had to reef earlier than most other boats, she behaves very well in breezier conditions providing the foresail and main are well balanced. The upgraded rudder never lost its grip and we did well to windward. In lighter winds, she was keeping up with bigger boats (which may have been annoying for them). We were please not only to have the great accommodation on board but better sailing than our previous micro 18 or the cornish shrimpers I am used to. I joined the engine steering arm to the main rudder which worked great in the marina and could be disconnected out at sea. The 9.8 HP engine did a good job of pushing us along in a headwind and chop. All in all, a delightful and capable boat and a great shakedown, ready for bigger adventures next year!

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Great stuff Malcolm. Really

Great stuff Malcolm. Really pleased you had a successful mission. Hope you can get to a Mac gathering in the future. Look forward to meeting Windfall and crew

I was reading a recent

I was reading a recent edition of PBO and several owners associations send articles or letters about their rallies with photos in to be published. They also advertise their future rallies.

Maybe Stuart could cobble something together from the BigMac postings if he has the time and interest.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M

Linking engine steering arm with rudder

Hello Malcolm
I have a Mac26c I have being trying to link outboard to rudder for the past 5 years without success, reading your trip I noticed you have already done so ,Please can you tell me how you have managed it a picture would be great help ,
Regards Chris Williams (YASSOU)