Falmouth to Isles of Scilly - July 2018

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A dream come true

Last Thursday the winds and weather looked good to make this long-held dream become reality.

Here are some of the pics I took, will add commentary in due course and hopefully a fuller write-up for the magazine.

Many thanks for all your encouragement.

It's is what Macs were built

It's is what Macs were built for. Absolutely brilliant made even better by the weather.

Looking forward to reading your article.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna (26M)

Well done Mike!

Looking forward to reading your account.

this looks like a great trip

this looks like a great trip Mike. Im most impressed and envious. Please submit an article for the magazine. Hope to meet up before too long.


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Thanks guys, have done a write up...

Thanks guys, I've done a write up for the magazine while it's fresh in my mind. I'm thinking of the Channel Islands via Salcombe next.

Scilly isles

awesome trip as with other members looking forward to the written report


Ian T





May we publish your account in the next magazine? If so can you send pics and text to me here: editor@macgregorowners.org.uk



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Magazine article

Thanks Stu, the article is currently just under 2800 words, is this about right or would more or less be better?

The pics were all uploaded to the gallery at full resolution so you should hopefully be able to swipe them from here. Only iPhone 5c so not first class.


Hi Mike.

I’ll leave the word count to you. I’d be loathe to have a single article much more than 3,500 words, but there’s no reason why we can’t spread the write up of your significant achievement over two issues.

Drop me a line if you want to discuss.

Thanks so much.


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Thanks Mike for doing a write

Thanks Mike for doing a write-up, and a belated congratulations from me on your successful trip.

A word about photos - the website downsizes photos when they're uploaded (to save on storage mainly), the resulting size is more than adequate for a screen use, but for gloss printing the original resolution is best.

It would be best if you could send Stu the originals, maybe via Dropbox or other sharing site?


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Many thanks Rick, yes, I

Many thanks Rick, yes, I wondered about pics on the site, I'll mail them to Stu with the write-up.