Can't thanks you enough. That's my Winter project sorted!

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Your mast raiser looks really

Your mast raiser looks really good Harold.

I wonder , does your winch have the feature found on the original m raisers whereby the rope will not pull back but you can manually wind it out under tension ?

Just a note also re fixing baby stays...the original system uses a carefully measured loop of rope to attach the stays to which the allows the lines to remain just tight enough at all times.

Best regards, Roly

Mast Lifter

Hi Roly,

Thanks. The winch has a pawl and cog with three settings so it can hold on the lift or lowering. Also it can freewheel if you want.

It only cost a tenner off the internet - bargain.

We just use rope for the babystays. Tied between the Mast Bail and the fairleads on the safety rail posts. You only really need to tie the stay slightly slack and it will be fine. Nearly all the work is done by the stay on the opposite side of the rollerfurler jib due to its weight. After we lifted the mast using the Mastlifter we didn't fancy having to use the turnbuckle on the jib stay to retension the system as it involved a lot of work. We tied a boaconstrictor knot around the rollerfurler passed the line around the anchor roller and around the a winch at the cockpit. It took only seconds to winch the jib T bolt over the stay and pop in a Clevis pin. Job done.

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