Centre jackline for 26X

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These photos show a centre-mounted jackline that I rigged on my previous 26X.

It depended on being able to lock the hatch in the closed position while sailing, so I installed two eye bolts at the side. These were fixed together with a clip shackle when sailing, and also secured with a padlock when leaving the boat.

The eye at the base of the console was backed with a steel angle bracket bolted through the cockpit floor inside the console. I don't think the console itself is strong enough for the potential loads.

In the photos the forward end is attached to the bow roller, but I later changed it to the mast-raising eye, which is more convenient and just as strong.

I kept the line fixed forward and to the mast, and unclipped it from the console when not in use. To obtain the required tension it needed to be clipped in with the hatch open, then the hatch slid shut to pull it tight.

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fore deck safety

My 'Danish' Mac 26 x has a 'box' marina mooring. This means you have to board the boat over the bows.

Scandinavian boats sensibly have split bow railings for easier boarding.

To improve our safety whilst walking up the foredeck to the cockpit, I have rigged a line from the bow railing to the mast, this gives you something to hold onto until you reach the mast-then you can use the boom to hold onto.

Regards to all David Phillips Sandpiper/Whimbrel.