Avon - May bank holiday 2016

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First Association outing of the season, a slightly damp Bank Holiday weekend on the Avon!

The flotilla consisted of Rod & Jill in Pilchard, Liz & Dave in Tenacity, and Rick & Glenis in White Lightning. We launched at Welford Boat Station, a few miles downstream of Stratford-upon-Avon, and headed further downstream, stopping the night at Evesham, and reaching Wyre Piddle the following day before needing to turn back. We spent the second night at Offenham lock.


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thanks for the pictures!

Looks like loads of fun! I am wondering about something, though. I have just been through the Canal and River Authority folks, and have purchased my index number from (somebody)....

Anyway, I notice that none of you fine folks display index numbers on your boats? Do I have to put the placards on the boat? I will be mostly on the Ouse and Nene.

Sorry I missed this even...looks like a lot of fun!

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Dear All,

Good to see boats out on the water and sorry it was a wet event! Good time to find a bar or two and forget about the weather.

I hope to get to a few events this year but 'Lonach' is currently out of commission as a result of storm damage. Liz this might make another article as the hull was breached with a 5 inch gash.......

Anyway hope the baird was inspiring and that all enjoyed the River Avon and the Stratford delights of Stratfored unfortunately I was away in Cyprus (it rained there too!).

Richard Greenway

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Index number

Hi David. From what I understand from recently applying for various waterways licences: For a short term license, it's not necessary to have an index number, they just request that your boat name is clearly marked on the side of your boat (which mine is not, whoops). Longer term, you will be issued one on purchasing the licence unless you require one earlier (for sign writing etc) which you will be charged a small fee for. When you have one, you should display it, yes.

NB. The stretch of water that these guys were on was the North Avon which has its own authority anyway. Hope this helps. J

Yes - we bought a three day

Yes - we bought a three day licence for £30 from Chris - who runs the Welford boat yard - and received an orange card which was supposed to stick on inside the boat to be viewed from the outside, but as we had nowhere suitable we just kept it at the ready in case we were accosted (which we weren't)

Hi Richard

Hi Richard

It wasn't actually all that wet - just enough to test out the waterproofness of Tenacity's new topcoat at G&T time.

Yes please to the article - oh dear - were you on board?

We didn't go to Stratford in the end - headed off the other way to avoid the crowds and got tangled up in the Evesham Regatta! And found some nice beers ...