Replacement 26M ballast slide valve.

I notice that in April issue 93 of the Macgregor Sailor there is an article on the ballast valve on the 26M. Our 26M Tarka had a problem with the same ballast valve - the bolts had corroded and broke when it was removed whilst preparing for Coppercoat antifouling treatment. Apparently the valves used on the 26Ms are made by Valterrra a US firm and are originally designed for use on American motor homes as a waste valve. Repair kits containing new seals are available for about £10 on eBay and the whole three inch slide valve is not particularly expensive if sourced on the internet. See attached photos.

Incidentally the Coppercoat antifouling treatment is a great way of preventing weed growth on boats that are kept afloat for long periods. It also helps protect against osmosis as it consists of a heavy loading of copper powder in a thick epoxy layer. It's not cheap as it needs to be professionally applied but works out no more expensive in the long run than good quality antifouling. It also saves the pain of lying on ones back under the boat whilst sanding off old antifouling and applying new coats at the beginning of every other season or so as the Coppercoat is guaranteed good for at least 10 years. There are boats in our marina that look good and are still weed free after nearly 20 years.

ballast slide valve (1 of 1)

ballast slide valve (1 of 1)



seal kits and new valves

seal kits and new valves readily available on eBay

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I concur with Mike's comments

I concur with Mike's comments on these valves, they are readily available in the UK, mainly sold here as control valves for Koi ponds! Plenty can be found on eBay, including seals and extension handles.

They come in different sizes, the 26M uses the 3" size, as does the X apart from the very early ones. Initially the X was fitted with the same 2" valve as had been used on all earlier models (26C and 19).

I replaced the 2" valve on my 19 last year.

It's also good to read a positive experience of Coppercoat. I don't use antifoul as I keep my boat on its trailer when not in use, but I've considered getting a mooring, and Coppercoat seemed like the best long-term value for anitfoul. Nice to be confirmed.


Well our 19 has a 1 and a half inch valve - which we have replaced at some point over the years. We have a spare 2" valve (bought by mistake).

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Ah, maybe mine is 1½", it's

Ah, maybe mine is 1½", it's the same as the original. I thought off the top of my head it was 2", but probably wrong then!

Replacement ballast valve on a 26M

I replaced mine over the winter as it was leaking, no big drama, as someone said earlier, I bought mine from a local Koi fish place, I just took the old one along and matched there on the shelf as I wasn't sure of the size. The only issue I had was with the extension handle. To get the old one off without damaging the stern I cut the rod with an angle grinder thinking i would be able to buy a replacement, but I couldn't. I could only find 2ft lengths. However on the bench with a bit of heat I could dismantle the old rod from the handle and local garage welded it back together and I just screwed it back on.