Tattoo 26 ("26M MkII")

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Tattoo 26 ("26M MkII")

I have just seen the updated 26M - it's called the Tattoo 26.
The basic configuration is the same -after all the same moulds are being used- but with detail differences: the boarding ladder is now mounted on the port side of the stern, and the outboard well cover/helmsman's seat now is hinged on the starboard side, as is the location of the outboard steering rod aperture. Single-handed sailing is now made easier with the main halyard brought back to the cockpit and cleated. Different upholstery and a new moulded table top design with an inset storage facility is an improvement. The trailer now supplied is a much simpler twin boom aluminium girder design which looks very sturdy. Good luck to all who sail in her!

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