What is "Mi boat Your Boat" ? (crew/boat switch)...

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What is "Mi boat Your Boat" ? (crew/boat switch)...

Mi name is Jose Teixeira, I am from Portugal and mi English is quite limited, so if someone can explain this better, I would be very grateful.
This is an idea that came up with a German friend who as a Mac X in Lake Leman.
Both our destinations are very interesting but distances for trailering...
The idea is simple: Instead
of trailering our boats long distances, making expensive and risky travels. Why
not share our boat with others?
Create a small
MacGregor boat owner's network, located strategically and able to share our
boats between us ...
We're sure that these
are people who are familiar with the boats and who have the same care with our
when use ...
At first glance it
may seem complicated, but it is simple and very flexible.
There are
at least three alternatives.

Imagine you sailing alone in a boat which may take three
or four people.
Imagine the difficulty of traveling long distances, trailering and launching your
boat alone.
Aren't there other owners elsewhere under the same
Crew switch is to receive visits on your boat and visit
the someone's
boat somewhere
else always in the presence of boat owner...
Thats exactly what Jonathan and Morris are doing (read the post)

Means that two owners of boats in two separate locations
lend their boats to each other for a short period of time.
This allows you to travel to distant locations, with your
family and to be received by the owner of the boat that will show the
navigation area and will give you all local information.
Then you will receive the visit of this family in your
boat ...
Implies less time commitments but more confidence among
people... And a good insurance...
It is a fantastic way of traveling, meet people, places,
countries, boats ...
And it's incredibly low cost...

Suppose you don't have boat or that do can't lend your
boat (it's in your garden... ) but wish to
use someone's boat.
Suppose you have your boat in water close to home in a
fantastic site, and that you have more requests for visits than time to travel.
You can then by a small amount rent your boat to other similar
boat owners.
Imagine how interesting would be to be able to rent
Macgregor boats directly from other owners for a low-price?
Imagine how interesting would be able to do some extra
cash to buy more gadgets for your boat? Pay insurances? Marina fees?

"My boat your boat" is what it is all about.
Easy travel , meet people, counties, sail, save money ...

What do you think about this?

Best Regards