Replacement 26M ballast slide valve.

I notice that in April issue 93 of the Macgregor Sailor there is an article on the ballast valve on the 26M. Our 26M Tarka had a problem with the same ballast valve - the bolts had corroded and broke when it was removed whilst preparing for Coppercoat antifouling treatment. Apparently the valves used on the 26Ms are made by Valterrra a US firm and are originally designed for use on American motor homes as a waste valve. Repair kits containing new seals are available for about £10 on eBay and the whole three inch slide valve is not particularly expensive if sourced on the internet.


A fresh new web site

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If you're a member and have been used to the old web site, you'll see that this is quite a bit different. However, all the same information is here, and as the site grows there will be a lot more. The site is built on a new foundation which is much more flexible, and will allow us to make the site much more useful.


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